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Get to Know the Drivers App

Welcome to our videos for drivers at Alex Andersen. These videos are designed to ensure that as a driver, you are fully equipped to handle and enter information correctly through our app during the transportation of goods. By watching these videos, you will learn the essential functions of the app, gain insights into important procedures for accurate registration, and understand how to effectively navigate the app to optimize your workday.

It is recommended that you watch the videos in sequence the first time. This way, you will get a thorough overview from start to finish.

It is essential for Alex Andersen that all our drivers feel confident and competent in their role. By thoroughly understanding these instructions on using the app, you ensure that your workday runs smoothly and that you provide the best service to our customers.

Start and Trip Overview

This video guides you through how to start your trip and use the trip overview. Learn how to check and confirm trip information, navigate between different stops, and handle changes and additions along the way. The video also explains the significance of the various symbols and colors in the app, and how to use GPS navigation responsibly.

Freight Units

This video shows you how to correctly register the number of freight units. Learn how to adjust the pre-registered number directly in the app.

Packaging and Empty Goods

This video focuses on the correct registration and handling of packaging and empty goods. You will learn how to effectively use the app’s features to enter correct types and quantities of packaging and document any discrepancies or special conditions.

Customer Signature

This video guides you through the process of correctly handling customer signatures and receipt types. Learn how to navigate the app to determine if a customer needs an app receipt or a physical paper receipt based on notes recorded in the freight information, and who is authorized to sign.

Data Synchronization

This video is essential for understanding how to ensure all data from your trip is correctly synchronized with the office via the app. See instructions on how to check for unsynchronized data and ensure that all entered information has been correctly delivered to Alex Andersen.

Packaging Guide

This additional video guides you through handling the various and typical types of packaging you may encounter as a driver. You will learn what to be aware of, as well as how to count the different units and enter them correctly in the Driver app.