Alex Andersen Ølund A/S

Pink trailers sets focus on road safety

Alex Andersen has joined forces with ITD - Industry organization for the Danish road freight transport and 18 other ITD members on the campaign "Stay away from the right front tire of the truck". The campaign is part of ITD's national road safety campaign "Lastbilkaravanen".

The message of the campaign is to all road users that they should stay away from the right front tire of the truck and thus avoid right-turn accidents. We need to take care of each other in traffic, and therefore Alex Andersen supports this vital message. Unfortunately, it is clear from the statistics that there are still far too many serious accidents on the roads. It is unfortunate for all those involved, and we want to help minimize this.

ITD states that they are proud that so many of their members will support the campaign. Without them and their desire to make trailers available, it would not have been possible to make such a nationwide campaign. As they say, the trucks are rolling mouthpieces, which they are happy to use.

Therefore, from now until May, you will be able to see some of Alex Andersen's trucks driving with the pink trailer. We at Alex Andersen look forward to spreading the good and important message around Denmark when we drive out with goods to our customers. Alex Andersen wants everyone to be able to feel safe in traffic, regardless of whether you are sitting in the truck or on your bike.


These ITD-members participate in the campaign:

Fogtmann Logistik A/S

Tor Udlejning ApS

DSV Road A/S

Alex Andersen Ølund A/S

FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S

P. Fournaise A/S

Frode Laursen A/S

H. Daugaard A/S

Skive Køletransport A/S

Hans Juel Jensen ApS. Vognmand og Entreprenør

H.T. Transport & Spedition A/S

Stokholm Transport A/S

JH Transport & Logistics A/S

Jørgen Jensen Distribution A/S

L.M. Transport, Ans A/S

Ole Larsen Transport A/S

Poul Schou A/S

Snave Vognmandsforretning ApS

Henrik Skov Christensen ApS