Alex Andersen Ølund A/S

Alex Andersen Driver Certification

We at Alex Andersen want our drivers to be properly dressed for the tasks they may encounter on their trip around both Denmark and abroad. That is why we have established Alex Andersen Driver Certification in collaboration with AMU Fyn. The course consists of four modules, where the drivers get a lot of tools to ensure that we at Alex Andersen always have the best employees in the transport industry.

The first module our drivers encounter is Codan Damage Stop. Here, the driver learns to act appropriately in relation to his knowledge of, visibility from the driver's seat, the vehicle's maneuverability and energy - efficient driving, among other things. The driver can, in vehicles over 3,500 kg permissible total weight, adjust and use the vehicle's mirrors and reversing camera in a way that reduces the risk of collisions. In addition, the driver can also make the correct orientation to ensure a sufficient view of the driver's seat. The driver has also been taught to prevent fires in vehicles and goods, and can also use fire extinguishing equipment in the event of a fire. The theoretical part is supported by practical exercises in an advanced truck simulator.

The second module our drivers encounters is Accident Prevention Driving. In this course, our drivers learn to drive backwards around corners, this could e.g. be to a loading ramp or similar, this using mirrors and rear view camera. This is to avoid dangerous situations and rear-end collisions. The driver also learns to adjust all the mirrors of the vehicle correctly. Training is also provided so that the driver is able to perform correct right turns, even under the influence of distraction factors.

The third module deals with Transport Documents. Here, our drivers are trained in assessing existing technical, mechanical and physical factors. This can be regarding load securing, weight distribution/center of gravity and fuel optimization. Drivers learn to make a correct risk assessment so that they can react appropriately in different driving situations, e.g. international transport and EMS vehicles. The practical experience is created by using an advanced truck simulator. Next, the driver also learns to be able to select and use the documents, certificates and papers required for the transport of goods, both nationally and internationally.

The fourth and final module is about Energy-efficient driving. In this module, our drivers learn to make the best possible use of fuel. This is done by expanding the driver's knowledge about the operation of the engine, what techniques are available to limit pollution and which substances have a detrimental effect on the environment and health. The driver also learns how to make the best use of the vehicle's kinetic energy and how to achieve a defensive and safe way of driving.

We at Alex Andersen are proud of our many skilled drivers, and we only want them to become more and more skilled.